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Abbreviations -

The purpose of is to provide you with the meaning of an acronym/abbreviation and then link you to an authorative website.

Big Red Garage -

Discounted Pimsleur language courses and other top rated courses to help you learn a new language fast.

English Dictionary Search For Terms & Meaning -

Online English dictionary database look up the meaning of words, terms with advanced technology. It reloads the results as you type in the words.

ESL Made Easy -

English Language - ESL English Second Language DDCode smashes the barriers on English Language training and tuition.

French for children -

innovative teaching resources for introducing french to young children

German course Berlin -

By learning German in Germany, you open your professional and personal horizons. A country of great industry and importance in the business world, being able to speak German is a skill which will make any CV stand out.

How to increase Your Vocabulary -

Site that gives you proven strategies that will increase your vocabulary. The information on this site is completely free.

Italian Language -

About Italian Learning. If you’re serious about learning the Italian language Japanese Free - has 4 different kanji a day, an English to Japanese Dictionary, Japanese to English Dictionary, kanji dictionary,daily kanji email and is adding more features all the time.

Language Dubbing and Subtitling Management Services -

The International Dubbing Group provides localized, in-territory language dubbing and subtitling in more than 40 languages. Their offices in Los Angeles manage every step of your project while alleviating your concerns over language barriers and time zone differences.

Learn German -

German language guide, all about how to learn german and how to speak german.

Learn German colloquialisms, idioms and slang -

Weekly German lessons and exercises to help you learn to speak German like a local.

Learn Spanish Audio CD -

Learn Spanish with a Learn Spanish Audio CD. Make sure you learn Spanish with a learn Spanish Audio CD. Learn Spanish Audio CDs make learning Spanish fun and exciting.

Learn Spanish Fast -

Language Lessons 101 is a Spanish language learning resource. Tips, tricks, and tools to help you learn Spanish quickly. Stop waiting to learn the Spanish language and get started today.

Learn Spanish Online -

Learn Spanish Online

Learn Spanish Software -

Learn Spanish software at Best Spanish Software. Features include reviews on the best Spanish software programs on the market today. Browse our site and find the best Spanish software for your needs.

Learn Spanish Software Review -

A detailed review of Rocket Spanish, a popular Spanish speaking course.

Learn Spanish Words -

Learn Spanish in just 20 minutes each day. Memory improvement books and memory game software for better Spanish language memorization.

Learn to speak thai language in easy way -

Provide a lot of Thai word, phrases, sentences in correct pronounciation and grammar. For the foreigner and tourist who want to speak Thai language correctly.

Learning spanish -

One of the top Spanish Schools in Ecuador. We are located in the heart of the modern part of Quito, a few minutes walk from the tourist area with all the bars, restaurants and shops. We have space for more than 40 students, divided into morning and afternoon sessions.

Learning Spanish in Spain & Latin America - Study Spanish at Enforex -

Learning Spanish in Spain & Latin America with Enforex means total immersion. Spanish courses and accommodation to study Spanish with us are available within our schools in Spain and Latin America all year round. What about learning Spanish with us today?

Pimsleur Italian Courses -

Used Pimsleur offers quality used Pimsleur languages courses at very low cost.

Pimsleur Method -

Hear it, Learn it, Speak it. That's the Pimsleur difference. Pimsleur Method makes it easy to learn a new language.

Professional Language Translation -

A professional translation company offering customized language translations, website localization, and cultural consulting.

Proofreading -

Essay writing assistance including in depth editing and proofreading are both available from the editors of this website. They work on a variety of writing projects to make their customers' work as powerful as possible.

Search Dictionary -

Look up your words in dictionary and learn in in context. Usage of words in news, classic stories, books, movie scripts and books. Learning vocabulary in context is easier.

Spanish Institute - Classes in Edina, MN -

The Spanish Institute offers regularly scheduled Spanish classes in Minneapolis. Learn Spanish in small classes, with experienced instructors and special lessons at all levels for adults and business.

Spanish Institute of Merida -

Spanish Institute of Merida

Spanish Learning Software -

Learn to speak Spanish using software and audio programs designed to teach you Spanish from home. Let our reviews help you make a decision with what program is right for you

Spanish School: Learn Spanish in Ecuador -

Learn Spanish in Quito-Ecuador. The Spanish School offers several programs such as volunteer opportunities, flying teaching program, Spanish classes in Banos, Tena, Mindo and other places in Ecuador.

Speak A Language -

Use Pimsleur, Linguaphone or Rosetta Stone to learn a new language fast.

technical translation -

Word Perfect Translations is a wholly Irish owned company specializing in interpretation and translation services, providing linguistic assistance to a large client base, both in the public and private sectors. Word Perfect Translations has positioned itself as a leading service provider to legal institutions and law-enforcement agencies as well as medical institutions and commercial entities.

Tranglobal Lanuages Ltd -

Transglobal languages offer great language training services for business. The language training we offer is French, German, Italian, Spanish, Japanese, Chinese and English. we also are skilled interpretors for most major languagess

Translation School -

Worldwide Translation schools directory, where you can search for a Translation School, and translation resources, translation process and specialized translations.

Verbosed Online Dictionary -

Verbosed is an English dictionary. Users can see definitions, synonyms and images for every word they look up.