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Election News - http://www.ThePresidentialCandidates.US

Information on the US presidential candidates. Focuses on the real issues instead of on the superficial topics so often covered in the corporate media.

How Liberal is McCain? -

How Liberal Is McCain?. McCain easily loses his temper and is stubborn. These are not good qualities to have in a president.McCain has put forth the — McCain-Feingold (restrictions on political speech), McCain-Kennedy (amnesty for illegal aliens), McCain-Kennedy-Edwards (trial lawyers’ bill of rights), McCain-Lieberman (global warming legislation), Bush tax cuts, etc.

Longin Popescu -

Longin Popescu pentru Parlamentul Romaniei, candidatul pentru Colegiul 2 Timisoara , candidatul pentru camera deputatilor in Parlamentul Romaniei din partea Colegiului 2 Timisoara

Pakpoliticians -

It contains information about politicians in pakistan...

Political lore -

Political News, Insight, and more! Your source for news that matters! Political Blog by Alex Nobles

Rantings of a Texan Democrat -

The rantings of a texan democrat, where we discuss issues, vote and post about anything that pisses us off in regards to the election

Sarah Palin T Shirt -

Sarah Palin T-Shirt dot com is your proud supplier of Sara Palin For Vice President

The Talk Show American -

Political conservative news and commentary

US K1 Visa Attorney Thailand -

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US Presidential Election Videos -

Hundreds of videos showcasing the U.S. Presidential candidates. Some serious, some comical, some wacky.

Wes Upchurch for Secretary of State -

Website for the Committee to Elect Wes Upchurch the 2008 Libertarian for Secretary of State in Missouri. Site contains information about privitizing primary elections and reduction of signatures for ballot iniatives and ballot access.