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Fantasy Role Playing -

Fantasy Role Playing character is a site from CharacterPlanet with the purpose of explaining what role playing is to new players as well as giving guidance on the path to creating a character and best personifying their characteristics. With the virtual world becoming more popular, people are beginning to blend the barriers between real and virtual life; role playing is just one way to express oneself dramatically or perhaps choose a persona that is completely opposite of your 'real' personality

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Play virtual rpgs online with no limits. Get RPG Character Sheets including dungeons and dragon character sheets, check out d20 modern weapons and firearms free. Browse our Fantasy Art Galleries, and our fairies manual to add new worlds to your game.

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RPG Forums -

Guides, cheats, hacks and help for Diablo, World of Warcraft, Guild Wars and other MMORPGs. Online community for discussion of strategies.

Scary Games To Play -

A list of horror-genre video games and role playing games, plus information on running a horror-themed quest in more action-based RPGs.

Umbla Games -

Play flash RPG games online free, shooting, sword fighting, action, adventure, sports and puzzle games online. Also strategy games and board games, biuld massive empires!

W: Age of Reckoning - articles -

I’m writing mostly, about Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning, upcoming game from EA Mythic Entertainment but I also write about Warhammer games like Fantasy Battle – table top game, or Role Playing Game.

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