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Louisiana Directory, LA Website, Business Information, US - offers detailed information for Louisiana lodging, real estate, weather, shopping, education, business, law, insurance, entertainment and more information and services.

30 Minute Seder -

30minute-Seder, while brief, remains true to the reverence of Passover. All essential prayers are provided in Hebrew with transliteration. Also included are traditional Seder songs with more available for free download on this website. See for yourself how 30minute-Seder makes Passover "FUN!" View sample pages at our site today!

40 Days of Prayer for You at the Kotel -

Torah-observant and dedicated yeshiva students and teachers will pray 40 consecutive days for you at the Western Wall in Jerusalem (to find a spouse, regain health, bear children, have financial, career or other success and more.

About Numerology -

About Numerology –Numerology Articles and Info, Online Numerology Information site

AHRC Religion And Society -

The Religion and Society Research Programme is a collaborative venture between the AHRC and the ESRC. The programme aims to foster collaborative research across the arts, humanities and social sciences; to build capacity in the study of religion.

Alex - Shamash Books -

The Jewish Network offers online books. Our mission is to provide a broad array of state-of-the-art education and community building resources to Jewish organizations and individuals for the benefit of the Jewish community

All about spirituality -

Spiritual World is your Live Journal. Here is the place where you can find some inspiration for your imagination and thinking. It is your harbour where you may cast your anchor, stop for a while from the everyday chaos and have a new and fresh look upon things. You are welcomed to express your commentary and review.

AllatHisfeet -

Jesus isn't calling us to a “new and improved” structure. He is calling us into daily relationship eating together from the Tree of Life, with the Anointed One!

An Islamic Forum wide range of topics related to Islam. -

Islam is a faith followed by 1/5 of the world's people. Learn more about Islam, Muslims, and their beliefs and practices here. A Brief Illustrated Guide to Understanding Islam & Muslims. This Islamic guide is simple to read and informative.

Anandmurti Gurumaa -

Anandmurti Gurumaa's spiritual guidance has a very practical application, thereby showing us a way of life which is a balance of all elements, blending inner spirituality with outer practicality.

Anandmurti Gurumaa Lovers -

Anandmurti Gurumaa's spiritual guidance has a very practical application, thereby showing us a way of life which is a balance of all elements, blending inner spirituality with outer practicality.

Anarsist -

Anarsist.Org is a Turkish Community board about philosophy, literarure, cinema, music, rock music, radio, tv, history, politics, humor and anarchism.

Angels and Dolphins for Divine Assistance -

Invite angels and dolphins to enter and bless your life with divine assistance through articles, meditations, books, wild dolphin swims, inspirational art, gifts, energy healing, & more. Receive a free ebook when you visit.

Animated Birthday Ecards, Father's Day Cards -

Send free birthday cards, wedding cards, invitations, free electronic greetings and postcards with quotes and colors. Free e-cards for holidays, Chirstmas, Easter, Diwali and Holi. Regional and religious cards on Onam, Ugadi and Vishu are available.

Ask a Bible Teacher -

Ask a Bible Teacher: Jack answers your questions on a variety of Bible topics. Updated daily. If you have a question on any biblical topic, just email it to me, I\\'ll do my best to respond right away. -

Visit this website to learn about the various concepts of Indian astrology and also to book your horoscope reading with astrologer Himanshu Shangari through this website.

Astrology and the New Age Spirituality -

Astrology and the New Age Spirituality discusses paranormal issues on psychic, psychic reading, its power, uses and benefits, and more. Discover what the past have in stored for humanity, and take a peek on what the future might hold!

Astrology Questions -

Astrology is the ancient practice and study of the stars and planets. Its history goes back to Babylonian times. Astrology is not the same as astronomy. Astronomy studies only the science of the planets, stars and universe.

Astrology|horoscope|indian Astrology|indian horoscope|vedic horoscope|astrologer -

Indian astrology website for horoscope consultation,2008 horoscope and zodiac horoscopes

Atheist Forum -

Join the Atheist Revolution and share, discuss and collaborate with fellow Atheists. Here you will find Atheism blogs, forums, groups, pictures, videos and more.

Bible Devotions -

This site is dedicated to sharing Christ Centered devotional thoughts to encourage and inspire you to trust in the Lord.

Bible Events In The News -

Current news related to bible prophecy and end time events. Entire bible with search tools for quick scripture research. Study material and each book of the bible commentary.

Bible Study Resources -

Bible study resources to help you with your Bible studies. Links to information related to Bible study. Inspirational gifts.

Bnei Baruch Kabbalah Education and Research Institute -

The largest website for free Kabbalah information, Kabbalah courses and live lessons, Kabbalah eBooks, videos, audio books, music, and an authentic Kabbalah text library

Buddha Directory, Buddhist site. -

Worldwide directory of Buddha searchable directories of Buddhism, the life of Buddha, Buddha's teachings, Buddhist beliefs, and more.

Buyukdinislam.Com -

Islamiyet ilahiler Ezgiler Dini Hikayeler Dini Sohbet Dini Resimler Namaz Oruc Zekat Hac ilmihal Fikih Cihad ve Mucadele Cihad videoları Mucahidler Sehidler Dualar Mekke Medine Peygamberlerin Hayati Sahabeler Örnek Hayatlar Allah ve Varliginin Delilleri Asri Saadet Dini Videolar Dini Siirler Anketler Hayvanlar Alemi Bitkiler Alemi Zeka Sorulari Bilmeceler Doga Resimleri Siirler Bebek Bakimi Cocuk Hastaliklari Bebek Resimleri Karikaturler Komik Resimler Masallar Videolar Haberler

Catholic Expert -

A free Catholic resource where Catholic’s can find prayer and info on the catholic faith. There are over 1000 prayers in English, Spanish and Italian, Catholic ecards, a daily prayer email, a prayer finder page and a monthly catholic newsletter.

Chinese astrology -

Online Chinese Astrology is the internet's most trusted source for Chinese Astrology content. Enter and receive a free horoscope mailed to you daily!

Chinese astrology -

Chinese Astrology from the perspective of the 12 zodiac signs and five elements. provides FREE Chinese Daily Horoscopes. Find your Zodiac Sign for FREE!.

Chinese astrology -

Chinese Astrology from the perspective of the 12 zodiac signs and five elements. provides FREE Chinese Daily Horoscopes. Find your Zodiac Sign for FREE!.

Christian Video Sharing -

UltimateTube is Christian video-driven social network. Share and upload Christian music Videos and sermon MP3 and explore Christian faith and the tenets of Christianity

Christian blog and daily devotional -

The Daily Shepherd is blog-style collection of Christian living articles intended to assist readers with their daily walk with God.

Christian Devotions -

Daily devotions from the perspective of one man and one woman, delivered online and by email that inspire you to move beyond the “busy-ness” of life into an intimate relationship with God through an interactive friendship with the Father.

Christian Psychologist Dr. Kevin Leman -

Dr. Kevin Leman is a internationally known Christian psychologist who teaches Christian parenting and marriage principles based on Birth order dynamics. Great for small groups and churches.

Christian Science Churches of Ventura County | christian books | Spiritual healing -

A website encompassing the churches and ministries of the Christian Science Churches of Ventura County. Communicating with God, Christian Science , christian books, Christian Science magazine, mental health.

Christian Social Network -

Mequam is a safe Christian alternative to Myspace, and considered the best Christian Myspace on the Internet

Christian Social Networking -

The easy way to network with Christians, inspire faith and stay in contact. Upload your personal profile, photos, videos and inspiring stories of how god has influenced your life.

Christianity 2.0 -

Christianity 2.0 is the #1 source for all Christian related news, blogs, websites, articles, publications, conventions and more on the web.

Church Service Directory -

Search our national church directory for a local church in your area. Simply enter your zip code and denomination and find a church, our church directory makes it easy.

Church Video -

Church Video Site has developed an easy to use online video application enabling your Church to "Reach Out" with online sermon videos. - explains different ways to pray and provides prayers and devotions for many needs. Prayer and Quiet Time will give new meaning and purpose to your life. You'll discover how to handle loneliness and how to get rid of anxiety and depression. For those struggling with an addiction, there is a way to work with Jesus to overcome it. Catholics and anyone wanting to draw closer to Jesus will benefit.

Create your reality and attract abundance. -

Discover the secret law of attraction and attract everything you desire. In this blog you will find articles, that will hopefully give you the awareness you need. The topics of the posts include mind expansion, positive thinking and the secret LOA.

Cross Faith Ministry -

Biblical History and Scriptural Literature from the Lord's Library. There are in-depth studies on the books of Romans, Galatians, Luke, Daniel and Ruth. There are sermons, poetry, FREE Graphics, Jesus Slide Show plus, a Free Computer Bible.

doa solat -

Waktu solat and solat times for muslim in Indonesia, arab, Malaysia, Brunei and more with solat sunat cara sulat time doa in kitab and prayer praying time for morning afternoon evening and night in islam.

Donation in Israel -

"Sos Hope is a Jewish Charity Organization in Israel which in conjunction with Meridian of Hope gives people a touch of spiritual fundamentals as well as engaged in providing shelter, medical treatments to homeless and poor people or even victims of terrisoms and natural disasters."

Doorway to the soul -

spirituality, transformation, healing, angels.etc

Email Readings, Free Dream Interpretation and Psychic Chat -

World-renowned online psychic reading service providing dream interpretation, horoscopes, numerology, tarot card readings, and psychic advice in love, relationship, health, career, well-being.

Enseñanzas de Los Maestros Ascendidos -

Todo Acerca de los Maestros Ascendidos, Iglesia Universal y Triunfante,

Eternal Jewish Family New York | Jewish Family Organizations -

Eternal Jewish Family is a self-governing organization devoted to the safeguarding of the genuine Jewish family and aims to support intermarried couples who entrust to live as part of a Jewish family.

EuropeWord: Links To Popular European Websites -

Links To Most Popular European Websites, Europe Europa news, Ads, Calling cards,

Feng Shui Certification, Feng Shui Workshops -

Feng Shui certification classes offered at this feng shui training center. Take feng shui workshops as well as dowsing, meditation, space clearing in New Hampshire / Massachusetts.

Filipino-Christian Blogger - is the official website of Ganns Deen, a Filipino-Christian writer, musician, and God-servant.

Find an IT recruiter -

A comprehensive listing of IT recruiters throughout the nation.

Footprints In The Sand -

Footprints In The Sand and your life story... Be the best you can be, live a life of passion and joy! Be the best you can be with every footprint in the sand you leave behind. Strive to develop your full potential!

Free Daily Horoscope -

Ultimate Source for free daily horoscope, astrology, Love Horoscope and Zodiac Signs Compatibility

Free Horoscopes -

Get your horoscopes for free on HipScopes and chat with others directly online.

Free Online Psychic Chat -

Psychic readings available through phone, chat and email by master psychic experts. Search through articles for free.

Free Psychic Readings Accurate Online -

Cherry Sage is a professional Psychic and Numerology Expert supplying a Psychic Reading Service. The website offers Online Psychic Readings, Phone Psychic Readings, Tarot Card Readings, Numerology Readings and a Numerology Profile. Personal Consultations are available online. Customers can purchase as many minutes as they wish and ask specific questions on issues such as career, love, relationships and spirituality. Bible Readings -

Jimrlong is a website with inspirational thoughts-bible readings, writings by Jim long, a virtual Christian coffee house spreading the word of god and his only begotten son Jesus Christ.

Future Forecasts -

Astrology is based on the belief that the relative movements and positions of celestial bodies have a direct influence on life on Earth and events experienced by the human race. Astrodigger is the place where you can find all the information you need. check our site for more information.

Genesis Bible -

A study and summary of the sacred and holy Genesis Bible. Learn about the creation of life on earth, of everything!

Geopathic Stress, Feng Shui Home, Space Clearing -

Geopathic stress can be resolved by feng shui home services. Space clearing offered as well as business feng shui, feng shui classes and workshops in Tallahassee FL Florida.

Grapple Preteen Ministry Curriculum -

Captivate preteens and jr. highers with cool videos…engage them with deep, life-changing Bible lessons…inspire them to live their faith…and keep them connected at!

Guided Meditation -

Here we write our heart and let the world know of our own experiences of the inner beautiful world we love our spiritual guide - Anandmurti Gurumaa

Gurbani Books , Sikh Gurus Books , Guru Nanak Books , Guru Gobind Singh Books , Bachitra Natak , Da -

All sikh Religious Books , Sikhism books , Sikh Philosophy , Sikh Thought , Sikh Principles , Sikh People , Buy Online , Sikh history , Famous Sikhs , Sikh Riots , Sikh Massacres

Hamlet White Feather -

Unique yet, one would say so 'common' site of clairvoyance and just plain straightforward help

Hinduism Information Portal -

Hinduism, Hinduism information, Hinduism Gods and Goddesses, Hinduism Scriptures, Hinduism epics, Hinduism Mantras, Hinduism Articles, Hinduism Festivals and much more

Home -Send My Prayer,Send Online Prayer,Send Prayer Requests -

Sendmyprayer' is a special Internet service for people who are far from their favorite places of worship, but wish to make a prayer to their deity.

How to Make Jesus Your BFF -

For teens and kids who feel alone and that no one cares. Many kids and teens are "unplugged" from God and his blessings. Learn how to make Jesus your best friend, how to pray, learn how much he loves you and discover "the secret" God has in store for you.

I Trust God Only | In God We Trust | The Truth | God Loves You -

This site has articles about Humility, suffering, Death, confession, icons, idols, love, hate, false teachers and others. We could not have written these articles without grace from God. To God Be The Glory.

Indian astrology and horoscope - provides indian astrology readings vedic horoscope 2008 horoscope Indian horoscope jyotish consultation and horoscope matching by expert Indian astrologers

Jain Muni: Muni 108 Pulak Sagar Maharaj ji -

Muni Pulak Sagar Muni of not only Jains but also Non jains. Born on 11th May with an aim to establish a society based on truth, non voilence and follows jainism with sincerity

Jain Muni: Muni 108 Pulak Sagar Maharaj, follower of Jainism -

Muni Pulak Sagar Muni of not only Jains but also Non jains. Born on 11th May with an aim to establish a society based on truth, non voilence and follows jainism with sincerity

Jain Muni:Muni 108 Pulak Sagar Maharaj, follower of Jainism -

Muni Pulak Sagar Muni of not only Jains but also Non jains. Born on 11th May with an aim to establish a society based on truth, non voilence and follows jainism with sincerity

Jain Religion, Jain Science, Jain Stories, Jain Vidhi, Jain Discourses, Jain Prayer, Jain Institutio -

Jain Religion, Jain Science, Jain Stories, Jain Vidhi, Jain Discourses, Jain Prayer, Jain Institution, Jain Arts, Jain Vision, Jain Library, Jain Dictionary, Jain Directory, Jain Calendar, Jain Festivals, Site about Jain

Kabbalah -

Kabbalah Experts is a gate to the the fascinating world of Kabbalah

Karuna Bodhisattva Order -

KBO not-for-profit Buddhist Order carrying out outreach and welfare work; as well as spreading the Dharma. The KBO receives no formal funding and relies upon the generosity of benefactors.

Ken Raggio teaches Bible Prophecies -

You will enjoy reading my free daily Bible study. Easy to read unique lessons renew you spiritually.

Learn to meditate -

Learn how to meditate through the wisdom teachings of Tibetan Buddhism. Meditation techniques are an excellent complement to your yoga retreat.

Life House International Ministries Inc. -

We are a Holy Spirit filled home church and apostolic team in the Asheville/Hendersonville NC area. Worshiping Jesus Christ, training and discipling God's people to advance the Kingdom of God globally.

LifeCity Church Canberra -

Canberra Church

Live Psychic -

Hollywood Psychics provides live psychic readings that offer immediate spiritual guidance from their network of accurate psychics. Psychic readings are available 24/7 from their wide selection of psychic readers.

Lord's Prayer -

Inspiring and interesting prayers samples to help you pray better and more effectively everyday.

Love Psychic -

Psychic Source's network of live Psychics are screened so they may provide more authentic psychic readings. Their available Psychics can provide a live psychic reading or tarot reading today.

Madurai Meenakshi Amman Temple - India -

Information and historical events about Madurai, Meenakshi Temple and Meenakshi Amman Temple India

Mary Lyon: up with liberalism -

In this interview, Mary Lyon shows why she is an island of sanity in a sea of ma

Match Love Horoscopes -

Are you searching for the best tips on love and relationship? In this Website you can find the best information and all the tips you ever want just here for you.

Meditation and Spirituality -

Lets love and meditate. Lets share and celebrate. is a beautiful site with beautiful meditation experiences of beautiful spiritual people.

meditation guru -


Meditation In India -

Discover meditation secrets and techniques from India. Learn how to meditate, various meditation techniques like zazen, vipassana, concentration, active & passive meditation techniques, kundalini, whirling, breath, patanjali's yoga sutras and many more.

Meditation Techniques & Stress Relief -

Learn the art of meditation from an enlightened master, Anandmurti Gurumaa. Find the right meditation technique for yourself. Experience it yourself with Guided Meditation Cds. features the largest online shopping store for cds and cassettes of guided meditation techniques, melodious bhajans coupled with new age music, enlightening discourses, and soothing instrumental music for relaxation. The store also offers a wonderful collection of books drawn from the the spotaneous talks

Messianic Jewish Theology -

The theology of Messianic Judaism is reviewed.

Muni 108 Pulak Sagar Maharaj follower of Jainism -

Muni Pulak Sagar Muni of not only Jains but also Non jains. Born on 11th May with an aim to establish a society based on truth, non voilence and follows jainism with sincerity

Muslim Responses -

The purpose of this website is to facilitate Muslim responses to the various mendacious polemics and distortions of Islam by the Christian missionaries and their anti-Islamic allies that are being spread over the Internet.

Mustika Pearl Fossils & Healing Crystal Stones -

Spiritual mystical objects kwown as Mustika Pearls retrieved directly from Nature!

My Christian Corner -

My Christian Corner promotes a healthy Christian lifestyle through Bibles, Christian books, music, teaching, home school, youth ministry, natural supplements and meeting other Christians.

Mystical Occult & Magick Talismans -

Occult empowerments with easy to use seed initiation. High quality talismans that really do work. Customized, Prepared and Empowered to specifically help you in the ways you desire.

Natural Healing Ayazmo -

A remedy that will improve your health, harmonize and balance your body, calm your emotions and raise your energy / life force.

Nebraska Directory, Local Information and Service, NE Link Exchange Directory, US - is a Nebraska web directory dedicated to be a complete website for the vistors. Choose us to find art, computer, technology, travel, finance, real estate, transportation, shopping, government and more.

Nirvana Cartomanzia Astrologia Tarocchi -

Astrological group formed in 1990 that offers advice, support and solutions to problems of all kinds.

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