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White Pages UK

UK phone directory search telephone numbers

Tel3advantage™ Sign Up.

No Fees. No Taxes. No Contracts. 1.9¢ per/min Domestic Rate. Call 800-441-0269 for more info. Tel3advantage is your premium prepaid long distance provider. Use from any phone, any time, any where.

"xdcardpage.html">Fuji xd 1gb -

Micro SD Cards Mini SD Card SD Memory Card Memory Stick Compact Flash Cards Mobile Phone Memory card needs at

0871 telephone numbers provided free -

0844 low rate and 0871 non geographical phone numbers supplied free.

12 month free line rental on 12 month contract -

Compare for cheap mobile phone tariffs from UK online stores and buy online. 12 month free line rental on 12 month contract deals.Compare for cheap mobile phone tariffs from UK online stores and buy online.

2 Way Radio Experts, Apex Radio Systems Ltd -

2 Way Radio from Apex Radio Systems Ltd including Motorola 2 Way Radio, Kenwood Radios, Icom Radio and all your Two Way Radio needs. Visit the Apex Radio Online Radio Communications Shop for all types of 2 Way Radio.

4 download - Music, Video, PSD, IPod, Movies, Cell Phone -

This site gives you information on how, why, and where you can download digital information and movies for your various digital devices. Also find various free offers for different digital devices.

5G Communications Business Telecom Solutions -

Do not rely on fickle telecoms providers to get you prepared for the 21st Century Network. 5G develops solutions to enable customers to make the most of new technology. Get your 21CN ready Telecom Solution Today.

800 Toll Free Services and Cheap Toll Free Numbers - prrovides low price solution of 800 Toll Free, Cheap Toll Free Numbers for your small business or residential use. We help professional networkers and small business owners decrease costs and increase their telecom campaigns.

A Super Glass Windshield Repair -

SuperGlass Windshield Repair of Denver specializes in mobile Rock Chip, Crack Repair, and Glass scratch removal.

Aastra Telecom Business telephone systems, IP Phones, digital and analogue phones, integrated voicem -

Aastra Telecom is one of the leading manufacturers of business telephone systems in Europe. Independently recognised as the fastest growing telecoms brand in Europe, Aastra provides high quality, telecommunications solutions tailored for the modern business.

Active Digital - Business Mobiles -

Active Digital is the top supplier of mobile phone contracts for business. Winners of the National customer service awards our business mobile contracts will save you money and are customer service is second to none.

Agency provides cheap penny boss prepaid phone card -

Our service sells permanent penny boss phone cards – the comfortable choice if you have to make international calls.

Alcatel Lucent Phones -

We’ll help you with the right Alcatel solution, with our everyday low prices and easy payment options. Plus, every Infiniti Alcatel telephone solution is backed by Australia’s only 100% Money Back Guarantee… buy from Infiniti Alcatel with complete confidence.

Alcatel Phones -

Alcatel is a mobile phone manufactures spread through out the world their leading products in the market. They have proved themselves to be the leading manufactures of mobile phones in UK.

Allworx Small Business Phone Systems -

FREE installation on Allworx phone systems - nationwide. FREE lifetime training and support with every Allworx PBX phone system purchase! Best Deal AW ? the #1 choice among small and midsize businesses for Allworx hybrid PBX telephone systems.

Anonymous Caller ID Spoofing Cards -

Use PhoneGangster and get a prepaid spoof card so you can fake your caller id and dial anyone for pleasure or business and best of all, it is all legal!

Answering Service Guide - Answering Service Industry -

Answering Service Guide - Answering Service Industry. Specialists in call center services including inbound call center, answering service and call center management. Comprehensive review of Answering Services.

Apple iPhone SDK Kit -

The iPhone is already one of the most advanced gadgets on the market. However, in 2008 with the addition to an SDK kit and a 3g network, the iPhone will be one of the top selling phones in 2008.

Asda mobile phone -

ASDA Mobile is one of the cheapest PAYG available offering their own PAYG mobile deals with calls from just 8p and texts from just 5p. ASDA's online shopping gives the same great savings you expect from their supermarkets.

AstraLink Pro 160 VOIP Hybrid PBX -

FREE installation on AstraLink Pro 160 phone systems - nationwide. FREE lifetime training and support with every AstraLink Pro 160 IP PBX phone system purchase! Best Deal AstraLink Pro 160 - the #1 choice among small and midsize businesses for AstraLink Pro 160 hybrid PBX telephone systems.

Australia Business Phone Lines integrated voice & Data -

TelAustralia is an Australian company supplying business telephone services. The website offers Australian business grade phone lines with Voice and data with SHDSL 2mb/2mb & ADSL up to 24Mbps. The site also includes PSTN replacement product.

Barablu | Free Mobile To Mobile Phone Calls -

Designed for both your mobile phone and PC that offers free mobile phone calls to other barablu users worldwide. Free messaging from your mobile.

Belize reliable international calling card -

Callingcards-Anytime.Net is a international calling card online service that offers low rate phone cards. Say "Hello" for less to your family in Asia Pacific.

Best contract phone deals -

Get the best contract mobile phone deals from nokia, samsung, lg, motorola, sony ericsson on Uk mobile phone networks from the top mobile phone shops

Best rates for long distance calls -

Prepaid Phone Cards on sale. Lowest rates for long distance calls. We sell cheap prepaid phone cards. Our Phone Cards can be automatically recharged. Best Quality international Phone Cards - 100% satisfaction once you tried.

Best Value Phone Cards -

Phone cards at discount. Buy phone cards online and get PIN instantly. Check also cell prepaid, PC to Phone, SMS Call, VOIP unlimited, WEB call all at a discount rate.

Bizfon Small Business Phone Systems -

FREE installation on Bizfon phone systems - nationwide. FREE lifetime training and support with every Bizfon IP PBX phone system purchase! Best Deal Bizfon - the #1 choice among small and midsize businesses for Bizfon hybrid PBX telephone systems.

bluetooth marketing -

Astracomm is an award winning UK company specialising in Proximity marketing & the supply of Bluetooth servers. In the past eighteen months we have installed Astracastä systems in retail units, entertainment venues and businesses that interact regularly with members of the public.

Boss Mobile - mobile phone accessories, Phones, bluetooth headsets, ringtones, & more -

mobile accessories, phones & bluetooth headsets at unbeatable prices! Ringtones, games & colour backgrounds also available!

BPO in Delhi -

Swastik BPO Services is a full service business process outsourcing company, focusing on the healthcare market, bookkeeping & financial services market, inbound & outbound call center servies and data entry & data processing services offering medical transcription, medical coding, medical billing, A/R and follow-up. --------------

BPO Outsourcing company in Delhi -

We are BPO firm based in India providing quality services in telemarketing, lead generation, data entry processes, and web and multimedia services to companies in UK and US. We are one of the leading BPO center, that combines capability & expertise in order to provide you with the right solution. We provide back office operations as well. We are equipped with resources to manage a range of inbound

BPO Services, Outsourcing Call Center Services, Inbound Call Center Services - Virtual BPO -

Virtual BPO services support call center services, virtual call center services, inbound call center, outbound call center, telemarketing services, Voice Broadcasting Services, Lead Generation, Market Research Services, Appointment Setting, website response, order taking services, message answering services, and customer support services for outsourcing business worldwide.

Broadband Internet Connection -

Telecommunication is the assisted transmission of signals over a distance for the purpose of communication. Tthis may have involved the use of smoke signals, or heliograph.

Broadband Phone Service Unlimited Long Distance -

VoIP and traditional local service with Packet8,, Vonage, Trinsic, Z-tel, Vartec, Cleartel. Cellular wireless plans big rebates cash back. Internet broadband.

Bulk SMS India at low cost,SMS Marketing,Free SMS plugin software -

Delhi, company India provides Free Bulk SMS Software for sending Bulk SMS from computer to major GSM and CDMA networks in India at low cost.You can send bulk sms to group of people, send sms from excel.Free download and Online demo presentation available at Bulk SMS Software in India with excel integration

Business mobiles -

Synergy Mobile phones of the UK offer small business and corporate clients solutions to their mobile phone needs on both short or long term arrangements.

Business Process Outsourcing, BPO Outsourcing India, Offshore Call Center Outsourcing -

Business Process Outsourcing, BPO Outsourcing India, Offshore Call Center Outsourcing, Customer Support Outsourcing, Customer Service Outsourcing - Also provides Call Center BPO Services from India.

Buy calling card online -

Prepaid phone cards for calling within USA and to international destinations.

Buy calling cards on our site and get a discount! -

Our website provides various prepaid calling cards at incredibly low price. International phone cards are available in our online calling cards shop at any time.

Buy calling cards online from Italy to Italy -

On our site you can buy telephone cards for international calls. There are many different types of cards. Our service will help you pick the most advantageous course for long-distance call. Buy a telephone card is easy. After selecting a card and you will receive payment pin code on your email.

Buy Egypt cheap prepaid phone cards, Korea international phone card -

In our online shop you can buy prepaid telephone cards for international calls. With our service you can choose the cheapest phone card. You just need to specify the distance of your call and we pick up your phone card on a best rate. We hope you will be satisfied with our services and we have yet to come.

Buy international calling card from Belgium to Italy -

Our online store offers to buy telephone cards for international calls worldwide. If you are committing a lot of international calls, then our service will allow you to save a lot of money. The fact is that the price of phone calls very different from different ISPs, sometimes dozens of times. With our service you can pick the cheapest rate for international negotiations.

Buy mobile phones - Best offers -

Latest mobile phone offers and cheap mobile phone deals on contract, payg, sim free, unlocking, 12 months free etc.

Buy phone card -

We sell calling cards online and offer you to buy it with our shop.

Call Center india, Call Center Services, Inbound ,Order taking,Collection & Outbound Teleservices -

Yantram - Call Center in India offers Call Center Services like Inbound Teleservices and Outbound Teleservices

Call Centre Services India: Outbound Call Centre, Telemarketing Services -

i-serve Systems operates a world-class customer Call Centre in India to serve multinational corporations. By integrating skilled people, tested practices and innovative technology.

Call Centres                                         -

Call Centers in India is a leading provider of offshore contact center and business process outsourcing services.

callback,direct dial,long distance,tollfree forwarding,calling card and VoIP -

Offers international callback,callback,international long distance,direct dial,calling card service,toll-free forwarding and VoIP services

Caller Identification -

The phenomenon called Caller Identification is one wherein the telephonic device is provided with a display screen that tells about the person who is at the other end of the phone...

Canadian VoIP Service & Hosted PBX -

ComCanada Communications Inc. is a leading provider of high quality, feature-rich digital phone services to residential and businesses customers. Our VoIP phone service allows customers in Canada and more than 120 other countries to use their cable modem, DSL modem, or other high speed internet connection to make and receive Voice over IP (VoIP) phone calls using an ordinary touchtone telephone. Our service is also compatible with SIP devices, including IP phones, softphones, and Asterisk PBXs.

Card - Cheap International Ip Call Card -

Card - Cheap Ip Card: The Cheapest & Most Popular Ip Calling Card. You should choose prepaid ip card, to pay and receive your PIN number. That's all!!!

cell phone articles - features discussion and the latest news from top cell phone carriers such as AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile, and more!

Cell Phone Information about cell phone -

Considering the innumerable varieties of cell phones in the market, it is quite a challenging task to choose the best one. However, the basic criterion of selecting the best cell phone is to be absolutely clear about what your needs are. The best cellular phone is the one that is absolutely right for you.

cell phone rental -

Global Cellular Rental is a communications rental company specializing in satellite & cell phone rentals. We have packages and prices competitive with any company. We've been in business over 18 years and would love the opportunity to serve you.

cell phones -

cell phones information

Cellular Phones from T-Mobile -

These cell phones are made for you to love every T-Mobile and plans offered. Best deals on cellular phone service, cell phone accessories, free blackberries and other cell phones (after rebate) are available too.

Cheap Call Co. presents refill cheap prepaid card -

Cheap Call Co. provides best cheap phone card – the optimal chance to keep in touch with your family. Cheap Call Phone Card has No Connection & No Maintenance Fees. This PINcard can be used to call domestically and internationally.

Cheap calling cards, international calling card -

We are offers a variety of high quality international calling cards and prepaid phone cards that can be used all over the world for domestic and long distance calls anytime from your home. Prepaid International Phone Card is dedicated to provide long distance phone card services like international calling cards and prepaid phone cards with crisp, clear connections and automatic search.

Cheap international phone calls - cheapest telephone call rates from UK to landlines and mobile acro -

Make cheap international calls for 1p a minute. Call abroad for as little as 1p/min with the UKs leading instant dial service. No accounts to open, no connection charges, no credit cards required.

Cheap international phone cards to Korea from Zimbabwe -

Our internet shop offers you cheap phone cards for the international calls. There are many telephone operators, the prices at which differ very strongly. We suggest you to choose the cheapest provider by means of our service of search of phone cards on the country where you would like to call. It will allow you to save very many money, especially if you often conduct international calls by phone.

Cheap Long Distance -

Get discount long distance service from providers you can trust. Compare them side by side.

Cheap phone call card, phone cards uk, phone cards to india -

We provide refillable call prepaid calling card – the comfortable option if you have to make international calls.

Cheap phone card - International prepaid phone cards - Online Shop -

We offer the cheapest and most qualitative international prepaid phone cards. Order your cheap phone card online now and call immediately.

Cheap Prepaid Calling Cards -

My Cheap Calling Cards offers a wide selection of international and domestic phone cards. Compare rates on our site to make sure you are getting the best deal available. We also offer other long distance phone services like VOIP, SMS calling, web calling, and prepaid cell phone cards.

Cisco Home Lab -

Take the guess work out of building your own Cisco Home Lab. Get Cisco networking tips & CCNA Lab suggestions along with a ton of great deals on new & used Cisco equipment for your own home lab.

Clock Systems -

Schools and hospitals use Inova Solutions network clocks to ensure synchronized time and hassle free maintenance.

Command A Com - Business Telephone Systems -

The site is about Business Telephone Systems, Business Phone Systems, VoIP Phone Systems, New Telephone Systems, Telephone System Company, VoIP Systems, Phone Systems, Panasonic Telephone Systems, Samsung Telephone Systems and more.

Compare Business Mobiles -

Compare Business Mobiles has one aim, to find you the best deal for your business mobile phone. We provide an impartial comparison on all the major mobile networks including O2, 3, Vodafone & Orange.

Compare Phone Cards -

Compare the phone cards from the worlds best sites. This unique tool calculates the total cost of each card including all rates, fees and surcharges according to specified preferences. This way you get the minutes stated.

Comparing Dialers? Go to Dialer Evaluation -

Free White Paper- 9 Secrets to Negotiating a Better Dialer Deal, with Bonus Download- Dialer Solutions, Choosing the Right Dialer. Helps you learn the difference between a Power Dialer and Predictive Dialers and highlights all top Dialer companies.

Conference Call -

Conference Call Glossary provides over 200 audio and web conferencing terms and definitions making it the most comprehensive glossary for conference call definitions on the web.

Conference Call Review -

Conference Call Review provides up-to-date, accurate and non-biased audio and web conferencing company reviews. Choosing the right conference call company can not only save you money, but also assure you are getting the best quality and audio or web conferencing features availiable.

Conference Calling-Teleconferencing -

Affordable Conferencing offers worldwide audio conference calling services and complete teleconference services. You need no special equipment, only a phone, to receive crystal clear audio. Includes articles, FAQs and contact information. -

We offer top quality audio, video and web conferencing services designed to streamline your communication needs. Choose from our wide array of solutions.

Conferencing Choices Featuring Video and Conference Calling -

Telechoice offers a wide assortment of conference calling and video conferencing options as well as isdn and internet speeds

Contract Mobile Phone Deals -

Mobile Phone Shop UK offers Cheap Mobile Phone Deals, Contract Mobile Phone Deals and Best Mobile Phone Deals in UK.Buy Contract Mobile phone over the internet mobile Phone shop and and get the Pay As You Go Mobile Phones Shop, latest mobile phones , mobile phone accessories and cheap mobile phones worldwide.

Cordless Headsets -

Looking for a corded or cordless headset? Look no further. Simply headsets is the online headset division for one of Australia’s largest, and most successful, telecommunications companies – Infiniti Telecommunications.

Cordless Phones -

Evocal are the UK's leading distributor of telephones,telephone systems, cordless phones, and Plantronics headsets.

Discount Calling Cards - Phonecards Service from Australia - Pinless Service from Australia - Intern -

We are ready to provide the cheapest international prepaid calling cards. You can find here the best rates cards to be able to call all over the world . Stay home, buy phone card and receive PIN online! Call anywhere, anytime!

Domestic Premium Numbers Provider -

Your one stop site for domestic numbers with premium rate. Bill your customers by phone. High and fast payouts.

DS3 Lines -

Welcome to our real-time business DS3 quote tool. Use our free service to perform unbiased price research to find the best service at the best possible price. Receive quotes from over 20 of the top DS3 Providers nationwide. We guarantee the best prices.

Earn A Free Mobile Phone -

Cool, you've found it! Somebody likes you and wants you to get onto this fast! you've just uncovered the underground unlimited phone deal people are whispering about... Want to kiss your mobile phone bill goodbye forever? Would you like to make unlimited phone calls Australia-wide and not worry about the cost?

Ecuador phone cards - international prepaid calling card, prepaid phonecard, long distance phone card, cheap calling card.

Fax to email -

Telecoms company providing services such as fax to email, answering service and texting via a virtual switchboard. Get an 0845 number to give any business the instant impression of a national company, instilling trust in customers.

Fiber Optics Cabling, Network Cabling Solution, Nortel Business Phone Systems -

Fiber Optics Cabling - ABIS a wonderful Fiber Optics Cabling company is your one point of contact for all kinds of telecommunication wiring cabling and telephone cabling company.

Fibre Optic Suppliers -

Fibrelec are Fibre Optic Suppliers and provide nationwide installation and maintenance to Commercial, Industrial, and Domestic premises of computer networks. Using modern technologies in inspection and testing of fibre optic solutions and voice and data structured cabling.

Financial, Medical, Virtual USA Call Center, Business Process Back Office Outsourcing -

ARO Inc provides financial,medical healthcare, insurance & virtualcall center services. Leading-edge business process & back office outsourcing services from USA call center service provider., IPhone, Predam IPhone, Unlock IPhone, IPhone Downloads -

Visit For all your iPhone Needs!, Unlock iPhone, iPhone Downloads, iPhone Applicatins, iPhone Games & More!

Free Mobile Phones -

Free Mobile Phones | Get the very best and cheapest offers and deals on mobile phones, contracts, tariffs and price plans on Orange, O2, Vodafone, 3 and T-Mobile

Free Ringtones and Mobile Content - is an online community where you can create and share your favorite cell ringtones, wallpaper, video, and mobile games for your cellphone!

Free SMS Verschicken -

Free SMS Verschicken - Send Free SMS ins Germany. Dein Best Free SMS Verschiken site providing gratis und kostelose SMS. 100 Free SMS on registration. Join Now!!

GetVideoPhone -

Imagine making money every time the phone rings. The greatest transfer of wealth is happening right now. The analog phones are going digital and you can see the person you are talking to with VideoPhone. Mr. Donald J. Trump says "This is better than Real Estate". Seeing is believing.

Giga Cursos - Programas para Desbloquear Celular, Desbloqueio de celulares GSM, Manutenção -

Programas para desbloquear celular, desbloqueio de aparelhos gsm e de todas as marcas, manutenção de celular e aparelhos, Kit em DVD

Goedkoop bellen naar het buitenland, -

Zeer goedkoop bellen naar het buitenland met de 0900-toegangsnummers van de U belt alle internationale bestemmingen voor de beste prijs, aanmelden of abonnement niet nodig

Grosir Sparepart Handphone | Alat Servis Handphone | Aksesoris Handphone -

MMI - Grosir Spareparts Handphone menyediakan berbagai kelengkapan handphone, Alat-alat servis handphone & Aksesoris Handphone

Hosted pbx -

Improve your communications. Phone and fax service to grow your company. Project a professional image for your company, never miss a call, fax or email.Big business image at a small price.

How to Unlock BlackBerry -

Unlock your BlackBerry online with a simple code

Hungary calling cards online. -

Enjoy High Quality of connection with the Lowest Rates. AnyPhone-AnyTime. Net is dedicated to providing premium online phone cards to call to any country in the world.

Import-Handy - - Zahlen Sie nicht mehr als ntig...

Inbound Call Centres and Outbound Call Centre Contact Management Services -

Inbound call centres and outbound call centre contact centre management solutions and services for all your call centres requirements from

India low rate online phone card -

Phonecards-Anytime.Net is an online retailer of international phone cards. Phonecards-Anytime.Net online shop provides its clients with cheap phone cards to make calls to and from Asia Pacific.

Infiniti Telecommunications -

Infiniti Telecommunications is a leading supplier of business telephone systems, commander phones, pbxs etc etc

Information on Business Industry and Telecommunications -

This site provides complete information and guide on Business, Automotive, Industrial goods & services, Information Technology, Telecommunications, Real estate, Construction & Maintenance etc

Interactive Web Kiosksis a subsidiary company of Peach Inc. -

Interactive Web Kiosks is a subsidiary company of Peach Inc. Interactive Web Kiosks with Peach Inc is planning to use kiosks in India as an effective medium to increase sales and by increasing more exposure to prospective buyers.

International Calling Card Store -

Online phone cards store that provides calling cards to call more than 150 countries. Our large selection of calling cards are high quality and the low rates around.

International Calls -

Low rates and incredible calling card features, Enjoy Prepaid is the best option for international calls.

International Phone Cards and Calling Cards -

Provides high quality international calling cards and phone cards for long distance and international calling. Our specialty includes cheap international call backs, permenant PIN, pinless dialing and ANI recognition rechargeable phone cards. Our products offer lowest rates on the internet that are designed to meet your telecommunications need.

International phone cards | Cheap calling card shop -

Our shop is dedicated to provide international pripead calling cards at excellent rates. Enjoy online Search for the Best Calling Rates to any country and online INSTANT PIN delivery!

International Phone Cards. Prepaid Calling Cards. Low Calling Rates -

Phone cards for cheap trunk calls. Automatic search of the best tariffs of phone cards. An opportunity to buy your phone card online.

Internet shop offers original jupiter phone cards -

We offer permanent jupiter prepaid calling card – the best option to stay in touch. Jupiter Phone Card has No Connection & No Maintenance Fees. This PINcard can be used to call domestically and internationally.

Internet VoIP Phones Reviews -

Business VoIP solutions for the small entrepreneur. Discover why VoIP technology is the logical migration to a small business entrepreneur. Free report shows how.

Intradyn -

Intradyn offers email archiving solutions with strong regulatory compliance and message integrity. The Orca virtual appliance and RazorSafe tool offer advanced de-duplication, archiving, backup/restore capabilities, and mail server load management with an easy to use interface.

IP PBX solutions -

An IP PBX is a business telephone system designed to deliver voice over a data network and interoperate with the normal Public Switched Telephone Network

iPhone ringtones -

RingtoneFeeder is a weekly automated delivery of original ringtones exclusively produced and optimized to sound great on the iPhone.

Jamaica quality prepaid calling card. -

Callingcards-Anytime.Com is a calling card international service that gives you huge savings on long distance calls to friends and family in Eastern Europe and around the world.

Jupiter, phone cards canada, phone cards for sale -

We sell original simply phone cards - the comfortable option to keep in touch with your family. Get Toll Free Access and Local Access in the US and Canada as well as Local Access in Europe. A calling card that will make your life easier.

Jupiter, phone cards to india, jupiter prepaid calling card -

Communications company provides best jupiter calling cards – the optimal chance to stay in touch with your friends.

Lead Generation Service -

AmeriCall offers many different answering services and inbound call center solutions, each one customized to meet the unique needs of the individual client.

LG Cell Phones -

LG cell phones are usually in the form of CDMA but there are also some GSM models available in the market. The LG Cell Phones brand is composed of four basic elements The Values, The Performance, The Benefits and The Personality.

Live Answering Service Company -

Professional live answering services and free trials. Flat rates and best telephone answering.

low cost business calls -

With over 15 years in the Telecoms industry we know our business. By reviewing your telecoms operations with you, we can identify and implement cost savings.

Made easy International calling and also Cheap -

Calling for International destinations in one Plan for Cheap...

MagicRoam low cost calling sim cards in America, Europe, Asia, Caribbean -

Magic Roam Provides high quality and low cost calling sim cards, for international and long distance calling.

Make cheap call to India, Cheap international calls rates from UK landlines and mobile phones. -

Get cheap phone calls to india, free international call and cut the cost of your international phone calls by using Briing's cheap and best international call services also save on text messages and roaming charges.

Microsoft Response Point SMB Phone Systems -

FREE customized setup and installation of your Microsoft Response Point IP PBX phone system and FREE lifetime training and support! The #1 choice among small and midsize businesses for Microsoft Response Point hybrid PBX telephone systems.

Mobile -

Latest Mobiles' Models, Prices of mobiles, use of mobiles, information about new mobiles & many more...

Mobile Cards -

SpeedyPin - Specializing in Pinless Phone Cards, Prepaid Wireless Phone Cards and Phone Cards to India. Buy online Phone Cards to India, Pinless Phone Cards and Prepaid Wireless Phone Cards from

Mobile Phone Money -

Earn and save money using your Mobile Phone including how to avoid International roaming charges, a free directory of mobile phone casinos, how to sell your old mobile for cash and free sim card information

mobile phone offers -

Compare contract mobile phone deals at rupiz compare with cheap mobile phone offers on nokia, motorola, samsung lg and sony ericsson mobile handsets.

Mobile Phone Reviews - Cell Phones -

Reviews on Mobile Phones - Nokia, Sony Ericsson, Samsung, Panasonic, Motorola, LG and more..

Mobile phones UK -

Mobile phones for - T Mobile, Vodafone, Orange, O2 and Three. The phone range includes mobile phone Ugrades, Refurbished Second Hand mobile phones, Pay Monthly Contract phones, Sim Free mobiles and Pay As You Go mobile phones. Free UK delivery on all phone deals when you buy online.

mobiles -

all under one place.this site is about mobile phones. new mobile products, technology , features, specifications etc. check it out and enjoy..

MrLongDistance -

Mr. Long Distance offers cheap international calling plans and long distance phone rates with the cheapest domestic and international calling rates

National Reverse Lookup Directory -

With information collected from the largest data sources, this is the largest phone lookup directory to launch. Get detailed information on any U.S. phone number by running a simple search.

Network Hardware -

Your first call for new, used and refurbished telecommunications, voice, data and wireless communications networking hardware and equipment. We have many parts in inventory and can have them shipped to you quickly.

Network Solutions ,Technology Solutions ,Telecom Solutions India , Broadcast Solutions , Video Conte -

Rtronix is an Integrated Manufacturer & Network Solutions Providing a cost efficient technology Network Solutions India, Technology Solutions, Broadcast Solutions, Video Content Distribution, Content Delivery, Workflow Automation, DSNG Vans, Multiplexers, Network Maintenance, Studio Solutions, Content Distribution Management India, Redundancy Switch, XVD Encoder, Flyaway Terminal, Match Box BUC, Baseband Transceiver, Contribution Solutions, Mobile Solutions

New Technology Information. -

Providing small and medium sized businesses with user-friendly communications solutions that are scalable and sustainable, save money and time that allow clients to reach you anywhere, anytime by dialing one number.

Noise Canceling Headsets -

Telcom-headsets offers a range of phone-headsets including business phone headsets, cell phone, call center, computer and others headsets for conversations.

Numbers With Added Value -

Provider of domestic, international and satellite premium rate numbers -

The home of low cost 0845, 0844 and 0800 free phone numbers business phone numbers in the UK. Also offers additional enhanced telephone services, broadband, line rental, mobile contracts and much more.

NY Phone Systems -

1-800 We Answer NY Phone systems offers complete telecommunications services for all your business needs.

Oc3 Price Quotes - provides information about Oc3 and other commercial broadband services. Receive competitive pricing quotes from multiple providers and professional consultation services. T1, DS3. and other business internet and telecom services are also available.

Online store sells refill lucky minutes calling card -

We feature cheap lucky minutes international card – the best choice for communication. Register your phone number with the Lucky Minutes card and it is recognized automatically after dialing the Access number.

Outbound call center Services - BPO Call Center company -

We make sure you get affordable outbound call center services, whenever you use our services.

Outbound Call Center, Outbound Call Center Services India -

Call Centres India is a leading Outbound Call Center Services provider, offering comprehensive customer service outsourcing programs to keep you connected with your customers. Outsource your outbound call handling to our trained outbound telephone service.

Oxford Mobiles: buy mobile phones, nokia mobile handsets, sony ericsso -

Oxford Mobiles: buy mobile phones, nokia mobile handsets, sony ericsson mobiles, new mobile phones, lg samsung mobile phone, mobile phone accessories, buy mobile phone items online.


Business Phone Systems. Australia wide supply & support of New and Used Telephones. VoIP Solutions. Instant Quote. We Come To You. Infiniti is your one stop local shop with cheap mobile phones, cheap phone calls, Plantronics headsets, messages on hold an

Pak Spider - Your Pakistan -

A Pakistani based blog which covers all the latest promotions, packages and offers made in the Telecommunication and Banking sector of Pakistan.

Pay As You Go Cell Phones for Kids | kajeet -

Get peace of mind with kajeet prepaid cell phones for your kids. Our affordable prepaid cellular plans mean no surprise bills. GPS tracking lets you check to make sure your kids are safe and where they are supposed to be. Great phones, great service, nationwide- kajeet.

Pay Monthly Mobile Phones -

If your are looking to buy a new or upgrade your current mobile phone contract then look no further. We have all the very best and cheapest offers and deals on 12, 18 and 24 month pay monthly contracts and tariffs from Pay Monthly Mobile Phones.

PC to Phone -

VoIP service provider for businesses, residential customers, and resellers. Provides free accounts and free calling within the network, pc to phone, device to phone, callback services, calling cards.

Phone Cabling Austin -

Phone Cabling Austin - Telco Data Sells Business Telephone Systems in Austin, Texas.

Phone Card -

Prepaid phone card store with a good selection of quality calling cards for sale. Shop anytime, anywhere and get instant pin delivery to your email.

Phone Card Service -

Click4prepaid was designed to provide its users with the best prepaid telecom solutions possible without sacrificing quality.

phone cards and calling cards -

We are selling following telecommunicational goods and services

Phone cards canada, jupiter card, jupiter calling card -

Communications company provides best jupiter calling cards – the optimal chance to stay in touch with your friends.

Phone cards to india, bizon, phone cards canada -

Euro Calling Cards - Contact for Cheap Prepaid Phone Cards In Uk and Uk Prepaid Phone Cards. Get range of Uk Prepaid Phone Cards and Cheap Prepaid Phone Cards In Uk from www.bizon

Phone Conferencing -

The latest Telephone Meeting tools keep your business on the edge of the latest communications technology. Choose the conferencing system that works for your clients, associates, and corporate team members' convenience.

PNI-KMPG Outbound Contact Center -

An offshore call and contact center based in Ortigas Center, Philippines with medium to large-scale expansion capacity (numbering in the hundreds of agents).

Premium Rate Numbers -

Our company provides domestic, international and satellite premium rate numbers along with recorded and live services. We have several packages to suit your business model. Highest rates and fastest payout.

Premium Rate Phone Lines -

Wholesale provider of premium rate phone numbers and related services

Premium Rate Services -

Company provider of recorded IVR products to use with premium rate telephone numbers. Wide choice of themes in multiple languages available. Fast setup, professional statistics and competitive market prices.

Prepaid Calling Cards - International calling cards prepaid -

Calling Cards Prepaid offers you a wide range of calling cards, phone cards, prepaid calling cards, international calling cards at cheap rates for all countries including USA, India, Australia, Canada, UK and Germany. Buy calling cards now at cheap rates!

Prepaid Cell Phone Guide -

Preapaid Cell Phone Guide offers information on preapaid cell phones and phone cards and tips on how to save on mobile expenses. -

Press1's Virtual Switchboard System for small businesses This service allows you to design and build your own unique call management system for as little as £4.99 per month. Our system gives you amazing flexibility and full control to change and manage it at the click of a mouse online 24/7. Gain the presence of a large company and add to your professionalism. Save time and money through efficient management of incoming calls. Customise your system with a personal selection and

prezzo cellulari -

Cell phone and wireless phone reviews and ratings, video reviews, user opinions, most popular phones, cell phone buying guides, prices, and comparisons for the italian market.

Process Automation -

Achieve increased productivity with process-specific automation solutions from OleumTech. Our wireless and portable process automation technologies will cut downtime, reduce errors and increase profitability.

Property Management Call Center -

PhoneSmart catches missed inbound storage and apartment calls so customers never get a machine. We handle reservations and offer voicemail. Other services: secret shopping and manager sales training.

Pulsa Elektronik -

Layanan Isi Ulang Pulsa Elektronik termurah, tercepat & terpecaya

Realtime Vehicle Tracking -

Providers of realtime vehicle tracking and fleet monitoring systems. Telematics systems consisting of computer softare and GPS location devices.

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We Provide, Cheap Nextel Phones | Motorola Repair Parts | Replacement Phones | New Used Refurbished Nextel Phones | Boost Mobile | Sprint | Motorola | Color Camera Phones | Lcd Flips | Rear Back Housings sprint pcs phones | cell phone parts | No Contracts

Reliance call cards -

Prepaid calling cards online for domestic or overseas telephone calls.

Reverse Phone Look Up -

A reverse phone look up makes it possible for us to trace the needed information of the concerned party with the use of his or her phone number on the net database.

Reviews on free satellite tv on pc downloads -

THE BEST SATELLITE TV DIRECT TO YOUR PC AVAILABLE TODAY,get over 3500 stations! Yes thats right over 3500 Top Quality Stations for your PC or Laptop, and for FREE

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Ringtones for mobile|mobile ring tones|hot ringtones|funny ringtones|mobile video clips|Crazy mobile videos|mobile funny games|Java games for mobile|Funny mobile videos|Mobile Games from Mozook

RLTwireless Online Cell Phone Shop -

Free Cell Phones And Free Shipping With Selected Calling Plans

Satellite Services -

SatLink Communications is a recognized pioneer in the worldwide satellite services arena and a leading provider of transmission solutions for Video, Audio and Data over Satellite Platforms, Fiber Optics and IP.

Send Free SMS Now - Send SMS -

SMS Free delivers a unique opportunity to send free sms now. You can select from a list of countries and send sms worldwide. Spend no money to send sms. Send text message and easily expand your connectivity. Send text message worldwide in just a second.

Send Free SMS Worldwide -

Website helping you send unlimited text messages for free. You can send to any country over the world. Very fast and easy. No registration required. It also includes a large sms gateway and prepared text messages.

Skint Tariffs cheap international calls, cheap sims cards, cheap mobile deals, cheap broadband deal -

Cheap international calls, Cheap Broadband Deals and Cheap mobile phone deals on vodafone tariffs, orange tariffs, o2 tariffs, tmobile tariffs, three tariffs across all networks in the UK by Skint Tariffs. Call now and start saving

Small Business Phone -

Learn about the different types of small business phone systems and services and get insider buying tips for finding the right one for your organization.

Small Business Phone Systems -

Get in touch with office telephone system dealers in your local area. The site is a resource for businesses looking to purchase a new or used phone system. It provides free price quotes so visitors can get the best deal possible on their purchase.

Small Business Phone Systems -

I need telephones offers phones systems for the entire office from brands such as Mitel, Lucent and more. They offer both used and new phones to fit any budget.

Smart Connect Telecommunications -

Business telephone systems and communications engineers covering Dorset & Hampshire in the UK


MessageMedia provides a suite of SMS APIs which deliver a quick, seamless, turn-key approach to developing SMS solutions. With COM, dotNET, Java and PHP, the SMS SDK ensures a solution is available for nearly any platform or operating system.

Sound Masking Solutions, by Speech Privacy Systems -

Sound Masking from Speech Privacy Systems can give you an added edge by helping your workers become more productive, happier and less stressed. Sound masking is based on the phenomenon that when "low level background noise" is added to an environment.

Sweden quality cheap phone card -

Phonecards-Anytime.Com is an international low cost retailer of phone cards. Our store is dedicated to provide our customers with a large variety of cheap phone cards to call to and from Asia.

T1 Line Price -

Welcome to our real-time business T1 Line quote tool. Use our free service to perform unbiased price research to find the best service at the best possible price. Receive quotes from over 20 of the top T1 Providers nationwide. We guarantee the best price.

Talkswitch Phone Systems -

FREE lifetime training with your purchase of any Talkswitch phone system. FREE installation and custom set up with every Talkswitch IP PBX phone system purchase. The #1 choice among small and midsize businesses for Talkswitch hybrid PBX telephone systems.

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Use promo code 964410 to get your free minutes. Tel3advantage is your premium prepaid long distance provider. No Fees. No Taxes. 1.9 cents/min Call 800-441-0269 for more information.

Telecom Expense Management -

A telecom expense management, telecom auditing, cellular management and communications management software firm with offices in Canada and the US. telecom expense management, telecom audit, cellular audit.

Telemarketing -

1-800 We Answer is a leading provider of Inbound and Outbound Telemarketing services in the United States.

Telephone On-Hold Messages and Web Design -

Watt Media offers businesses of all sizes customized telephone on-hold messages and music, in order to promote their services and enhance their image. We also offer web design, hosting, shopping carts, e-newsletters and domain names.

Telephone Systems Dallas -

In providing the unsurpassed service required and demanded in business telecommunications, Cross/Talk utilizes an in depth method to determine our clients business telecommunications needs and designs a program to best meet those needs.

Texting -

Find the number one source of text messaging terms. An online destination for those looking to better understand Texting terms and abbreviations for computers and cell phones.

Third Party Verification. -

Third Party Verification services (TPV) & Call recording solutions: Calibrus, Inc. offering Live, automated & hybrid Third party verification (TPV) & hosted call recording solutions. Call our TPV Specialist at 1.866.CALIBRUS Now.

This is an online retailer of prepaid IP Calling Phone card for the international calls. -

Site is an online retailer of prepaid Cheap Phone and IP card for the international calls and domestic long distance phone calls.

TinCanTalk VOIP -

Our Products include VoIP Hosted PBX, Residential VoIP. We are a broadband phone company. Features available are Voice over IP, make phone calls over the Internet, Residential VoIP, Business VoIP, VoIP Hosted PBX, Low cost Residential amongst others.

Toll-Free Vanity Numbers -

Offers 800 phone numbers and services, and vanity toll free telephone numbers.

Top VoIP Providers -

Voice-over-Internet protocol is a protocol optimized for the transmission of voice through the Internet or other packet-switched networks

TracFone SuperStore -

TracFone - Free Color Flip Phone - Limited Time Offer, Free Shipping

Trojan Communications -

Trojan Communications is a Midlands-based telecommunications company providing the latest business communication systems including Panasonic business telephone systems and IP phone systems. - Telemarketing Sales Leads -

Telemarketing sales leads industry has a huge market nowadays, if you want the best telemarketing leads is a most wise choice.

Tut telecom, leader in pc2phone, voip services, cheap calls -

Start calling your friends for very cheap international calling rates,unlimited free dialing plans available,pc2phone services,calling cards and DID numbers.Get your own phone number in USA for $10 a month to forward to your phone anywhere you are.

UK telephone numbers -

An 0800 freephone number makes your company available to customers across Britain, eliminating off-putting national charges, and thus becoming an incentive to call.uknumbers4u has interconnects with some of the most prominent carriers in the world, including British Telecom, VSNL and Reliance.uknumbers4u is one of the most technically innovative companies currently working in the field of non-geographic and premium-rate number-provision.uknumbers4u are able to offer ready-made solutions for prem

Unified conference software -

Unified conference sofware; audio-video-WEBconference, for Intranet

Unlock iPhone 3G - is a professional iPhone unlocking business. This service will unlock any model and version iPhone for use with any network and any sim card. We can unlock the latest version iPhone as well as the 3G model iPhone very quick and easy.

Used Handset -

Looking for a cheaper phone system alternative? Used Phone Systems stocks all the leading used handset and used phone brands

Verizon Cell Phones -

Verizon Cellphones offers a wide range of services. Verizon Wireless offers cell phones, pdas, devices, cell phone plans, data plans, and accessories with affordable cost. Verizon Wireless operates the nation’s most reliable wireless network.

Video Conferencing Leeds -

Video conference services, equipment and worldwide facilities hire from Eyenetwork.

VoIP business phone systems -

Telcom Data’s Business Phone Systems from Avaya and VoIP Business phone systems helps to improve your business. Conduct high-quality and cost-effective conferences with Conference call systems.

VoIP for Business -

Let us help you develop your end-to-end business communications plan. We are and Applications Consultants that work with you to meet the needs of your business requirements - Cross Telecom.

VoIP predictive dialer -

VoIP predictive dialer by specializes in Predictive Dialer,Ineractive Voice response,call center software,Predictive dialing & autodialer.

VoIP Providers, Software, Call Through Internet -

VoIP is finally coming into its own as both businesses and residential customers recognize the advantages of using their high speed connections to provide cheap long distance telephone service

VoIP Reviews -

Read the best VoIP Reviews, News, and Discussion.

VoIP Service Provider -

ISPhone Australasia is a leading provider of Voice-over IP, VoIP services and equipment.

Voip Service Providers -

Different industries are opting for Voip in the hope of cutting costs and selecting a perfect VoIP service provider will enable them to affect lower costs as well as be able to increase productivity through better communications and, thus lead to better profit levels for the company.

VoIP SIP Communication -

Online VoIP SIP resource and forum designed and updated by industry engineers. The resource covers the background, development, arcihitecture and applications of SIP.

VoIP Talk USA -

VoIP Phone Lines utilize Internet technology to deliver more features than traditional phone lines and can reduce your South Florida telephone expenses at up to 40%.

Walkie Talkies -

Effective walkie talkie solutions from established radio communications company. For a wide range of walkie talkies visit the online store or download the walkie talkie radio catalogue.

We provide cheap phone card online -

Calling abroad quite often ? come to our site! We present varied spectrum of cheapest international phone card - the best rates! Order pin codes online, get your e-mail and talk on the phone for hours.

Web conferencing service -

Multi-functional web conferencing for PC & Mac. "Universal Attendance" technology ensures that everyone can join the meeting with NO DOWNLOAD whatsoever, supporting attendees on Windows, Mac, Linux, Unix, or iPhone. Can also be used for remote PC access

Web Video Conference - Baselux -

Online videoconferencing services and application by Baselux. Keep in touch with family, friends and colleagues with video conference solutions for individuals, small business and enterprise. Join now.

Web-Based Group Calling Service -

DialMyCalls is a new service that lets you record a message and send it out to a list of phone numbers in a matter of seconds. The perfect solution for both individuals and businesses, best of all it's completely free to use up to 25 calls per day.

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Being a native Hindi speaker Indian translator,we have been offered a number of interesting assignments..

wholesales mobile phone accessories, import from China directly -

We mainly sell China mobile phone & mobile phone accessories, e.g.: mobile phone housing, mobile phone LCD, mobile phone battery, flex cables, spare parts, memory card etc. for more detail, pls check at our website:

Whygo Video Conferencing -

Whygo video conferencing has over 3,000 video conferencing facilities around the world, including Australia, Asia, Europe, America and Africa. Book our video conference room online.

WIN - a leading provider of mobile data services -

Leading enabler of mobile media, entertainment and data communications services in Europe.

Wireless Long Distance Calling -

Wireless long distance calling facilities at is the most competitive service in the market that provide affordable and convenient way to be touch with you family , relatives and business partners internationally.